• Thomas Tj Aitken, artist with Light Dodger sculpture cover image

    Tj Aitken
    Artist & Author
    Public Artwork Sculptor
    Project Management Consultant

  • 57 Descending Sculpture by Tj Aitken Cover Image

    Pivoting at the pinnacle of the automobile era,
    this piece captures the beginning of the decline.
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  • Car Chase Sculpture by Tj Aitken Cover Image

    Installation from Art Prize 09,
    with suspended Bugs and figures.
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  • Light Dodger sculpture cover image

    Lights the way to the
    Shady Grove Metro station to
    Washington DC. stands 20 feet high.
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  • Hemi Pistons Sculpture by Tj Aitken Cover Image

    For the Shady Grove walkway,
    near Bathesda, MD.
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  • Rag Top Artwork by Tj Aitken Cover Image

    Mobile pavilion and
    an ongoing project.
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  • Paper Scroll Sculpture by Tj Aitken Cover Image

    Commemorates the old paper mill
    that founded the city of Plainwell, MI.
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  • Books by Tj Aitken Cover Image

    Books by Tj
    Art, Art analysis and the
    sculpture making process.
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Thomas "Tj" Aitken - Artist, Sculptor, Art Project Management

Tj’s Artist Statement:

My art stems from intense changes wrought by modern culture on the human condition depicted in sculpted allegory. Small studies are portraits of form, like sentences in paragraphs on larger subjects.

I tell historic stories as sculpture. I am intense about ‘form analysis’ and offer all viewers something, regardless of art knowledge. Large works taught me light weight concrete, lighting and glass use.

Commissions drive new themes and material exploration. I am a designer /manager as much as sculptor. Smooth interaction is as important as dramatic art. Immensely blessed by Rodin, Brancusi, Moore, and master sculptors from the auto industry, I hope to apply this for your project.

Concrete Glass & Light

Stained, leaded glass panels and LED lights are what TJ uses with modern architectural Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) to achieve dramatic results. These are tough materials with beautiful form and finish abilities. He has developed techniques to create sweeping forms and careful details so that any type of sculpture is possible. Tj writes books about this unique process available below.

Project Management

A design director at a fortune 300 for years, Tj has capability to organize very complex projects and see them through.

Industrial Consulting

Tj has developed aesthetic analysis systems and creativity management process for: Johnson Controls, Caterpillar, Newell Rubbermaid, Tata Motors, Art Center and run workshops around the globe.

2 Minutes with Tj

Public Art

Since '09 Tj has been doing public sculpture exclusively. Monumental works are designed for weather and public touch then executed with materials engineered for outdoor strength and durability.

Commissioning clients are very happy with the larger scale and dramatic designs that they have received. And people truly love these forms that tell stories.